Sparks - Set W01 (white)

5430 EUR

Sparks is a modular lighting system which consists of three different modules with the ability to be arranged in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure. It can be mounted onto a wall (as shown here) or onto the ceiling. The elements are plugged together in a simple, easy to use system and can be shaped by your own wish.

The whole lamp is made of white powder coated aluminium. 

This set contains an installation with 3 wall/ceiling connectors and 7 light elements. They use LEDs with a total power of 32W and 2632lm. The light color is 2700K warm white / CRI 90+

Approximate dimensions (LxHxD):

110 x 180 x 65 cm

Other sizes as well as lots of options for customisation are available on request. Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Handmade in the Netherlands, designed by Daniel Becker